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A Thousand Words...

They're reaching you, suspended on silver wings.

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Appearance: One of the most famous songstresses in Spira a thousand years ago, Lenne possesses delicately beautiful features and coffee brown hair that brushes just above her slender waist. Long, beaded earrings reach down to brush over her chest, and she wears odd sorts of…arm warmers made of blue cloth, with black strips securing it in place and reaching up to her upper arms in criss-crosses. Lithe and willowy, she wears a blue, midriff baring songstress costume with a gossamer-silvery flare on her left, reaching below the black miniskirt she wears. The black miniskirt is secured by a white belt resting on her hips. Light brown, knee-length boots complete the entire ensemble.

Abilities/Weapons: Lenne is not known to have any weapons, however, she is known to be a summoner with the ability to summon – for the purposes of the RP – Valefor, Ifrit, and Shiva.

Personality: Not very much is known about her, however, from what could be gleaned from records, Lenne was someone who resembled Yuna in many ways. During the machina war in Spira, it was said that Lenne could have lived her life happily and could have retired peacefully if she stayed a singer, however, her own conscience did not allow her to do that.

During the war, summoners were at the forefront of the battle, and Lenne – despite Shuyin's protests – had made up her mind to go. Stubborn, compassionate, and with a strong sense of justice, Lenne knew that she could not simply stand by and do nothing. Much like Yuna, and the summoners before her, Lenne was a strong, kind woman who knew that to be a summoner was to give up her life eventually for the people of Spira, no matter what it took. Something which, ultimately, spelled her downfall.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Her strengths would be her character. Kind, compassionate, with a gentle grace and a strong sense of justice, Lenne always seeks to do what is right, and not what is easy, even if it means her death. Blessed with an excellent singing voice, Lenne's greatest strengths lie in the ability to comfort and to soothe weary souls, as well as her propensity for forgiveness and for not harboring any grudges. More of a caregiver than a fighter, this works as one of her flaws as well, especially when coupled with her stubbornness. Her single-mindedness to do the right thing and to protect others can often land her and her companions in deep trouble.

History: Lenne was one of the most famous songstresses in Spira a thousand years ago, before the Machina War. However, she possesses a unique power that would prove to be a mark of her destruction; she was a summoner as well. During one of her concerts, Lenne had fallen in love with Shuyin – the man the fayth had based Tidus on – but that, perhaps, was not to last.

War came, and the summoners had to go to the warfront to prepare for battle. Lenne herself had decided to go, to help defend her country against the enemy, but Shuyin had vehemently disagreed. Stubborn, Lenne had insisted on her way, and had refused to budge. To her, her country mattered more than her personal comfort. Shuyin, determined to protect her till the end, infiltrated the enemy camp and had decided to enlist the help of the machina Vegnagun to save Lenne.

While he was about to raise the enormous machina, Lenne found out about his plan and had raced into enemy territory to stop him. However, she was too late. She had barely managed to stop Shuyin from activating the gigantic machina when the enemy soldiers entered and gunned them down. Up until her death, Lenne had never once blamed Shuyin. However, Lenne was not by Shuyin's side when he awakened, and he perhaps found her within the songstress dress sphere that Yuna possessed. In any case, Lenne's spirit was around, and when she finally appeared to him once he was defeated by Yuna and her team, she finally took him away to the Farplane, where they could stay peacefully.

However, something went terribly wrong; the Heartless overwhelmed Spira, and eventually the Farplane, when something very strange happened. Before they could fully dissipate, Lenne realized that instead of being all ghosty and stuff ethereal, she was made flesh, her body returned to her. The same happened to Shuyin, and they were forced to fight the Heartless until they were separated from each other once again.